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My name is Liz Galvin and I’m the founder of Clementine Parent, a hub for all things pediatric sleep.

I’m a pediatric sleep consultant living in the suburbs of Chicago with my husband and 2 boys! In addition, I have been a nurse for 10 years and currently work at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago in the cardiac intensive care unit.

With my pediatric nursing experience as well as in depth training, I am so lucky to be in the position to help you achieve a valuable sleep schedule for you, your baby and your family.

Tired + Desperate

When my son was born, I did not understand the importance of sleep and getting on a schedule. It wasn’t until our son was about 7 months old that we had our moment. There were too many sleepless nights strung together and not enough recharge.

It was a time where I turned to professionals for advice. You would think as a pediatric nurse, developmental sleep would come second nature. I certainly thought it should have and delayed seeking help because I couldn’t admit it. That being said, the second I took down that wall and allowed myself to grow, I found success.

I was never comfortable with the cry it out tactic, so I was able to modify a sleep training method to my comfort level. It was a week that changed our family’s life and we have never looked back.

Are you ready to reclaim your sleep?

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